Sara Gustafson CEC, CPT, CHN, HLC III

Sara Gustafson is a Holistic C.H.E.K Practitioner, corrective exercise coach, nutritionist and spiritual counselor who integrates a whole body approach to wellness .With fifteen years of research and clinical application in the health and fitness industry, she holds advanced certifications through the International Sports Science Association, Penn Foster and the CHEK Institute, and has completed custom design courses in sport-specific conditioning, fitness and clinical orthopedic assessments, scientific core conditioning, back training and program design for individual body composition and strength training.  She uses her knowledge of body mechanics to integrate a unique style of coaching that is rarely found under one umbrella. With her background in studying sociology, human behavior and forensic psychology at Texas State University,  she specializes in the metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms, health and athletic ability as well as the sociocultural influences on lifestyle habits and choices. She applies the science of mindfulness to access values and determine specific, attainable goals through a comprehensive system of questionnaires, health assessments, and 1-1 counseling.

Sara is also the former Operations Director for Paleo f(x), the largest Paleo conference in the world, The Founder of Women Who Raise Hell, a speaker, health writer, and corporate wellness health & fitness consultant. You can find more of Sara’s content in Paleo Magazine, Paleo Movement Magazine online, Paleo on the Go, Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint and Health Coach blog, as well as an expert educator, and guest health coach for the Rebel Health Tribe & Primal 90.

Specialties/Areas of Focus

  • Intuitive strengthening and healing, cognitive – behavioral training
  • Women’s Health, Prenatal to Postnatal health, nutrition and fitness
  • Metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms & chronic illness
  • Hormone & Stress related disease, weight challenges and pain conditions
  • Holistic recovery for anxiety, depression and mood disorders
  • Sociocultural influences on lifestyle, health and habits
  • Integrative exercise programming and structured movement therapy for recovery, performance, health and healing




  • Consultation – FREE
  • Onboard (1st Appointment) – $379
  • 12 week program – $1,998

All programs begin with the “Onboard”, which establishes every new client with Sara’s health assessments, detailed risk reports and program development. All following prescheduled 2-hr appointments and assigned work include the customized holistic programs designed for each client and assigned to their personal online dashboard. It also includes their bi-weekly updates to their dietary and lifestyle program, exercise and corrective training, stress management, intuitive healing, spiritual development and trauma recovery protocols.  Each are carefully explored and designed for every client individually and updated throughout their programs and work with Sara. 


Who are my clients?

The chronically stressed over-doers who can’t seem to get (or stay) ahead in health/lifestyle goals, despite dietary and lifestyle changes.  They are the individuals who have not addressed the stress in their lives, and/or emotional blocks to making cognitive healthy decisions.  They are the young women facing the modern sociocultural challenges in career, health and relationships.  They are the mothers who seek a peaceful harmony in home, career, and passion by learning to let go of the over-doing, and the shame and fears that prevent necessary self-love and care.  They are the hell-raisers who are ready to own the next positive shift in their lives.


about certifiedChek Exercise Coach

Aleks Rybchinskiy LMT, NST, CP4, HLC III

Aleks Rybchinskiy is a Neurosomatic Therapist with ten years in the field applying advanced scientific therapies and methodologies mastered through accelerated completions of the prestigious practitioner programs at the CHEK Institute in California, and Neurosomatic Educators Institute  in Clearwater, FL.  As a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Level IV CHEK Practitioner, he combines his expert knowledge of metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms, as well as holistic nutrition and the sociocultural influences on lifestyle to help his clients make positive and permanent changes to their health, weight, and pain symptoms.  He applies his expertise in somatic bodywork to reverse pain, manage healing and recovery as well as prevent injury.

Aleks works with clients from all ages to address weight loss, strength & performance, pain, physiological imbalances, TMJ, frozen shoulder, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, headaches/migraines, visceral massage, cranial alignment, and many more.  He also has a roster of clients all over the country, and is available for services and care outside of the Austin area per schedule availability.  Aleks is also a speaker and educator teaching workshops and courses on shoulder rehabilitation, core function, and athletic injury recovery.  He continues to stay active in his sport of beach volleyball and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he demonstrates the importance of his professional and personal philosophies by improving himself, also, as an athlete through the artful balance of performance and recovery.



  • 1 hour appointment- $200
  • 6 hour NST package – $1056 (12% off )
  • 12 hour NST package – $1,896 (21% off)
  • Integrative Healing & Performance Program – $2,997 (3 months or 15 hours)

Coaching and NST packages come with customized training, stretching and mobility programs assigned to each client’s personal online dashboard (via ptenhance) for additional $109, which may include diet, exercise training, stress management, intuitive healing and recovery protocols carefully explored and designed for each person individually, per request and based on a priority assessment.



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