Weight Loss: Before You Get Started You MUST Do This First

There’s one thing you DO know:  it’s time to lose weight.  And right now you have hit that wall where all of your excuses don’t work anymore and you are READY to do something about this.  Motivation, and a commitment (usually fueled by anger) is a recipe for weight loss!  Right?

Wrong.  Actually, you have some work to do before you actually get to work.  Statistics show that only 30% of people who lose weight keep it off longer than 6 months before the weight starts to creep back in.  Why?

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“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

I am often asked this question, though varying in forms such as “I work my ass off and haven’t lost a pound” … “I eat so clean but still can’t lose weight.”… “I work out 6x a week and eat 1200 calories a day, WHY can’t I drop body fat??”.

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Why We Need Variations in Exercise & Diet

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. – Confucious

Humans are creatures of habit.  Beginning at birth our mothers create routines for eating, sleeping, playing and bathing.   We learn from day one that side-stepping a routine can wreak havoc, as we are programmed by expectations.  As we grow, we create our own routines, ceremonies, and habits because predictability is what we find comfort in.  So if it isn’t natural, we make our own.  From each day having a certain activity attached to it, or certain meal at certain times.  Wake up at 7am everyday, wait for the coffee to drip and then sit at your desk punching the keyboard until 5pm.  Go to the same coffee shop at 2.  Eat with your co-workers at the same time or bring the same sandwich everyday for lunch.  Go to the same gym at the same time and hit the same machines.  We do what works and what we are comfortable with.  We are not programmed to move against the grain, or to change directions when things are working.  What for?  Why would we?  We are human.  We go with the flow and we follow the path of least resistance.  That’s us.

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Efficient Full-Body Workout


This is a favorite workout of mine that I can do in the studio or at home.  I love to make sure that I’m engaging my core in each workout to maintain strength, balance and stability.  Normally, I spread it out so that I focus on upper/lower abdominals & hip flexors one day, obliques, QLs another day (usually “back training day”), and deeper core work another day (usually with zone and yoga- all about that breathing).  But here’s a workout that will literally engage everything in one hour, just incase you need to pack a punch on vacation or will have several days off.

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Outside Training vs The Gym

Do you remember in Rocky IV when he goes to Russia and begins training to beat the crap out of that giant, Soviet robot?  In the training scene (which is supposed to be this inspirational montage of Rocky being a badass) I remember watching it and thinking “Oh my God, Rocky is going to get his ass kicked. He doesn’t even have real equipment to train with!” and you see Drago hooked up to these fancy machines & computers, being injected with hormones and you’re thinking “no wonder he’s a killer… he has science technology on his side  and poor Rocky has to carry a tree trunk up the mountain.”


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