“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?”

I am often asked this question, though varying in forms such as “I work my ass off and haven’t lost a pound” … “I eat so clean but still can’t lose weight.”… “I work out 6x a week and eat 1200 calories a day, WHY can’t I drop body fat??”.

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Facts About Food Intolerance

Some things to consider when reading about food intolerances, allergies and even autoimmune disease may not be always be highlighted.  A little food for thought on this topic may help you understand others better, or even yourself, a family member or a child who has recently been diagnosed similarly.

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Why We Need Variations in Exercise & Diet

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. – Confucious

Humans are creatures of habit.  Beginning at birth our mothers create routines for eating, sleeping, playing and bathing.   We learn from day one that side-stepping a routine can wreak havoc, as we are programmed by expectations.  As we grow, we create our own routines, ceremonies, and habits because predictability is what we find comfort in.  So if it isn’t natural, we make our own.  From each day having a certain activity attached to it, or certain meal at certain times.  Wake up at 7am everyday, wait for the coffee to drip and then sit at your desk punching the keyboard until 5pm.  Go to the same coffee shop at 2.  Eat with your co-workers at the same time or bring the same sandwich everyday for lunch.  Go to the same gym at the same time and hit the same machines.  We do what works and what we are comfortable with.  We are not programmed to move against the grain, or to change directions when things are working.  What for?  Why would we?  We are human.  We go with the flow and we follow the path of least resistance.  That’s us.

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Do You Have Candida?

It is estimated that over 70% of the world population has Candida.  And most do not even know this problem exists or have ever heard of it.  The reason for this is that in medical school, our future medical doctors are only trained to understand Candida as something that can overcome a compromised person such as AIDS and cancer patients.  That is simply untrue.  There is an epidemic of yeast overgrowth in industrialized countries.  We do not hear about it or learn its existence because symptoms tend to develop over a long, long period of time so it is hard to determine cause and effect when symptoms mimic those of many other recognized diseases.  On top of that, our medical industry is one that treats symptoms, not underlying issues causing the symptoms.

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“Gluten-free diets aren’t simply fads; they’re coping mechanisms…”

I got that quote from Food Renegade, and I’m pretty excited about that post from her, which I’ll link you to below.  It is probably one of the best described and well written explanations of why gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease seem to be on the rise.  There seems to be two sides of the fence with this issue, and like a couple opposing political parties the anti-gluten party is trying to overcome the opposition from the GoGluten party, and vice versa.  So are you team gluten? Or team no-gluten?


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