My Top 10 Holiday Recipes for Health & Fitness

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Joyful Solstice and Kwanzaa, everyone!  I was trying to beat everyone to the down-pour of december-holiday excuses but I was too late.  I’ve been incredibly busy and had forgotten to put this list together until I already began seeing the early signs of winter holiday binge-eating & binge-drinking allowances litter the social media and interwebs.  So back the f—up and slow your roll.  No one said there are rules that any holiday which lands on ONE DAY must be celebrated with sugar and alcohol for THIRTY DAYS.
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Planning Your Meals: Save the Sweat for the Gym

I get a lot of questions regarding this.   Many clients wonder if I can plan their meals and give them every detail of what they should eat for every meal and snack.   Some people see more success with this method than others, and simply need charts and spreadsheets to follow.   But what happens when you stop the coaching, and no longer have your nifty charts and spreadsheets?   You can’t pay someone to do that forever (if you can, then do it if it helps you).   I can map out meal plans pretty easily, given the proper information for each individual, but I encourage clients who seek this type of assistance to practice doing it themselves.  This is how:

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Sara’s Thanksgiving Stuffing (gluten free, dairy free, paleo-ish)

So here’s the deal.  I’m not a food blogger.  I don’t take fancy pictures and make neat little layouts for printing etc.   Usually, my food is inhaled before anyone (me) even thinks to document it on the ‘ol iPhone and share that sucker on all the social channels.   Sometimes.  But rarely.

This time, I just felt it necessary to graciously distribute my recipe.   Holidays are about helping the needy.  This is for humanity:
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‘Tis the Season for Love, Family & Gratitude (and political arguments, white American entitlement, greed, selfies, alcoholism, weight gain and going into massive debt) ((and scoffing))

This time of year used to bring out a whole other personality in me. It was like one day I was Meg from Married With Children (per the usual) and as soon as that one day after halloween came and everyone turned on the Christmas music I magically transformed into Marcy. It’s as if I had been cursed as a child by some evil witch who didn’t like my parents (and who were clearly jealous of my crazy beauty and talent) to turn into an absolutely annoying, overzealous holiday alien for two months just speeding around in a trance buying crap, cooking crap, and singing crap and then when the holiday music stopped the spell wore off and my trance was broken but I’d be in this depressed spell for a month sort of wondering what happened to my life for eight weeks.

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Second-Guessing the Dietician

RD, RDN, LD, CBN, NBNC:  acronyms for licensed and or registered dietitians.  These are the pizza is a vegetableprofessionals who work in the medical fields, and your doctor or specialist likely has one on staff.  They work in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.  A lot of them go on to work for companies like NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, or one of those “Medi-Fast Weight Loss” centers.  Some large globo-gyms have one or two on staff, and they are the contributing editors and staff writers for the “Health & Lifestyle” sections of major publications and news media outlets.  These professionals are responsible for health & science-based nutritional advice regarding your specific illness, disease or concern. For example, if you are diagnosed with IBS, your doctor will send you into the office of his RD, and he or she will tell you to eat more fiber and drink more water (maybe).   Patients who are diagnosed with T2 Diabetes will have an RD assigned to their case, and common advice heard is to eat whole wheat, whole grains and maintain a low fat diet.

If that advice was not enough reason to second-guess a legitimately licensed and registered dietician, keep reading:

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HHH- Hypothalamus, Hormones, Heavy Eating

Before I dive into all of the ins and outs of eating behaviors, and why we tend to over-eat, let’s get some definitions out of the way.  I don’t want you to be distracted by having to constantly google definitions in a separate window while trying to read this super awesome, very important blog. (if you already know what this stuff is, then congratulations, you are the 2%ers who paid attention in science class). So let’s define some stuff BEFORE we begin talking about it: Continue reading HHH- Hypothalamus, Hormones, Heavy Eating

Paleo Pumpkin Bread

There isn’t much I consider better than wearing jeans & hoodies, going for a run on a cool, crispy morning… the smell of ranchers and farmers burning up their wood piles in the Fall, eating on the patio, hearing a baby giggle, having sex, and… well, pumpkin bread.

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