Twenty-Seventeen served us many lessons in growth and though we are grateful for the experiences, it led us through a lot of painful realizations. By the Fall, we were running out of options to keep up with our growth without compromising our values.
In order for us to adapt without compromising our principle values, it meant we’d hit a cap of the number of people we could coach, teach and heal.This didn’t align with our dream, but in order to support ourselves and continue to grow the business, we had to raise our rates and limit our availability. That automatically eliminated a huge number of people who wanted to work with us so we needed more options.

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C.H.E.K. Level IV Programming

There are about thirty-five Level IV CHEK practitioners in the world, and probably for good reason.  The program to pass this level is nothing short of tedious, time consuming and a complete shock to the nervous system because practicing on this level has no room for error.

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OCD: What it’s like to truly live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Do you know anyone who suffers from OCD? (not self diagnosed bc they like things clean, I’m talking about *for real* legit OCD)? Ever wonder why they have mood swings, get irritated so quickly, have a hard time making new plans that interfere with their accustomed routine, or have a difficult time communicating how they feel? Wonder why they fidget or blink a lot?

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When Your Values Are Taken Over by Fear

If you are a human, then you’ve had a goal.  It doesn’t matter what that goal was or is, you’ve had one.  Everyday we have goals and don’t even realize it because when we think of “goals” we think about losing weight, quitting smoking, saving money, increasing max deadlift, etc.  But what about all the other little goals we make every hour of the day?  The ones that we overlook because they’re just a part of us, engrained in us.  The ones such as getting to work on time, getting a good grade, waking up early enough to walk the dog, create a meal plan and grocery list, go to church on Sunday, call your mom, don’t murder the kids, be able to spell an “ie” word correctly (f—!!!).  You know… the thoughts you have every minute of the day.

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Vulnerability: The Strength in Exposing Your Weaknesses

Vulnerability is the feeling you get when you feel exposed during a weak or uncertain state of your mind or moment in life.  It’s the feeling you get right before you are about to speak your mind knowing your words may be unpopular.  It’s the feeling you have when you want to say no but you’re too scared to, or when you know you’ve done something wrong and want to ask forgiveness.

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