7 Strategies to Beat the Stress

It is estimated that nearly 80% of adults in America suffer adrenal insufficiency.  In other words:  chronic and extreme stress that breaks down the the natural cycles of hormone production thus leading to a long list of issues including a crapped-out metabolism, weight gain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, cravings, muscle cramping, fatigue, and suppressed immune system.  If you have ever felt that your health is on a downward spiral and you cannot get control of it, you could possibly be suffering from chronic stress.  Can you think of WHAT causes you the most stress?  Try writing down a list including traffic, long lines, working late, relational conflict, pollution, neighbor’s dog crapped in your yard, gained 4lbs, kids are too loud, ripped a hole in your favorite jeans, burned dinner, stubbed your toe, friends blew you off, your favorite tv show didn’t record, only got 4 hours of sleep, you feel the flu coming on, rent is due, gas prices went up….

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How To Live Your Life, by Dalai Lama

Read this list completely to the end.  If we can remember all of these… and be intentional to practice each one until it becomes a habit, we will never leave this earth unfulfilled.  This list is so inspiring, and I challenge you all to  focus on 5 each day, until you’ve reached all 20 and repeat.  Then keep this list (or one similar that you can create on your own) with you as a reminder to practice throughout the day, each day! What sorts of things do you predict will change, improve or happen?


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