Twenty-Seventeen served us many lessons in growth and though we are grateful for the experiences, it led us through a lot of painful realizations. By the Fall, we were running out of options to keep up with our growth without compromising our values.
In order for us to adapt without compromising our principle values, it meant we’d hit a cap of the number of people we could coach, teach and heal.This didn’t align with our dream, but in order to support ourselves and continue to grow the business, we had to raise our rates and limit our availability. That automatically eliminated a huge number of people who wanted to work with us so we needed more options.

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Staying Healthy on the Vacation: Simple Guide to Staying on Track

Vacations are about relaxing and enjoying yourself, taking a break and bringing balance back into your life.  You don’t need to take all your kettlebells and 1/3 of the Wholefoods produce department with you in order to stay on track or keep your health at optimal levels.  Stressing about it does more harm than eating diner french fries would, so chill out.

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Rhythms, Hormones & Your Waistline

moobs Every human body has its own rhythm, just like a song or a cycle of the seasons.  A major component of this rhythm is the collective harmony of each hormone working in-sync with each biological process throughout the day.  Mammals are born with natural rhythms from the very beginning, yet humans are the only species that spends their entire lives fighting and interfering with these important, and critical rhythms. In negligently creating the hormonal battlegrounds (men and women) we so often do, we are inviting a lot of consequential guarantees.   For instance:  mood swings, anxiety, onset of mood disorders, depression, irregular periods (if you still get them), infertility, ovarian cysts, low sex drive, insomnia, poor muscle recovery, cravings, fatigue, weight gain and/or inability to lose weight, acne, headaches, hair loss, poor memory and/or mental fog, irritability, and the higher potential for onset of irreversible disease.  This is just to name a few.  If you are concerned about it, go over my list of 7 ways we commonly act to destroy our rhythms.

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Easy, Clean Kebobs

Kebabs – or shish kebobs – originated in Iran and is a popular Middle Eastern dish, usually consisting of lamb.  But we can take the premise and get creative for some really cool ways to save time, eat clean, keep it simple, yet delicious! So…Don’t stress about the long weekends, summer BBQ’s, traveling, picnics, camp fires and Fourth of July celebrations.  Each season gets a turn, but that’s no reason to stress about healthy eating.  For summers, I always recommend kabobs!  It can’t get easier. There’s really no hunk of meat, slice of fruit or vegetable wedge that cannot be impaled by a wooden kabob stick and then grilled over a flame.  And summer doesn’t have to own these recipe ideas, either. Whenever we feel lazy or are in a hurry – anytime of the year – we just chop whatever’ in the fridge and stab them all together and grill.

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The Art of Mindful Eating + Exercise Script

What is Mindful eating?  It is the practice of connecting to the experience of eating, not just repeating the mindful eatingmotions of bite & chew, bite & chew without consideration of the actual experience.  Mindful eating is a practice I work with clients to accomplish and master so that intuitive eating is achieved.  Intuitive eating is the ability to identify nutrition and satiation through the messaging of our own bodies’ reactions.  Believe it or not, there can come a day where you look at a plate of cookies and do not desire it, and in fact, the thought may even turn you off completely.

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Strategies for Staying Healthy at the Office

Whether you work remotely from your own home,  or on the 28th floor of a downtown skyscraper, staying healthy on the job can be challenging.  People who work in an office tend to box themselves into a small space around their desk and computer.  They often share eating spaces with others, work under office black and whitefluorescent lights, don’t get fresh air or natural sunlight most of the day, and are often in a hunched, sitting position most of the day staring at a computer or talking on the phone.  Office jobs provide many benefits, too, and if you picked the right industry for yourself, then you’re probably very happy with your actual work.  People who work in office environments usually co-work with a team with which members often share talents, drive and/or or passion.  Office and team environments can be healthy in that it presents us with challenges, which become learning and growth opportunities.  Mentally, this keeps us sharp.

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