Pro Tips for Dining Out Paleo

These are mostly guidelines for the Paleo-ish lifestyle, but if you are gluten free, SCD, diabetic or following a plan that is low carb and low sugar, than these guidelines will be perfect for you as well.  It took me a long time to figure out the ‘dining out’ thing.  Before I flew into Paleo, I was really struggling with gluten free to manage Celiac Disease.  It seemed that no matter how careful I was, I still got glutened at restaurants.  We would even go to restaurants that offered GF menus but something always happened: cross contamination, chef used the wrong bread, waitress forgot to enter in “GF” on the ticket, delivered the wrong plate etc. When I finally discovered that I have intolerances to corn and almost 90% of all grains beyond wheat, barley and rye… I realized that my diet had to change even more and that my choices would have to be made even more carefully.  The first time I ate out after ‘going Paleo’, I was very nervous.

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Why We Should Eat Liver


Liver pate.  Liver spaghetti.  Liver casserole.  Liver salad.  Creole Liver.  Liver & Spinach.  Tangy Liver. Spicy Liver. Liver stew. Liver chilli.  It took me many years into adulthood to accept liver in my life… as a meal. 

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“Gluten-free diets aren’t simply fads; they’re coping mechanisms…”

I got that quote from Food Renegade, and I’m pretty excited about that post from her, which I’ll link you to below.  It is probably one of the best described and well written explanations of why gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease seem to be on the rise.  There seems to be two sides of the fence with this issue, and like a couple opposing political parties the anti-gluten party is trying to overcome the opposition from the GoGluten party, and vice versa.  So are you team gluten? Or team no-gluten?


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A Story About My Gallbladder (and why I tossed the surgeon’s number)

I tossed the surgeon’s number in 2012… AND  OH  WELL!!  I’m sure he’s not desperate for my business, considering 1/2 a million people have their gallbladder removed every year.  I’ll be honest, I get a little skeptical when a short visit to the ER (for pain) ends with someone referring me to a surgeon… after just a few simple tests.  I get that we were able to rule everything out but within 2 hours they determined I needed to have my gallbladder removed?  An organ that God placed there for a reason.

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