Vulnerability: The Strength in Exposing Your Weaknesses

Vulnerability is the feeling you get when you feel exposed during a weak or uncertain state of your mind or moment in life.  It’s the feeling you get right before you are about to speak your mind knowing your words may be unpopular.  It’s the feeling you have when you want to say no but you’re too scared to, or when you know you’ve done something wrong and want to ask forgiveness.

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Easter: Beyond Candy & Grown Men in Bunny Suits

When I think about Easter,  I’m reminded of my childhood and how we’d squirm around in church anticipating the moment we get home to tear the house apart in search of our baskets.   We’d pull up into the driveway and my Mom would turn around and face all four of us in the car; simultaneously unbuckling our seatbelts in such madness it sounded like a stampede of horses running on pavement.  She’d tell us to sit back down because she had to go inside and “make sure the bunny came”.   Worst liar ever.  But we didn’t care.  The amount of sugar we were about to destroy left us with little room to worry about who arranged and left the basket.

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Positive Training Karma: Properly Defining Exercise & Training

If you want to lose weight, get stronger, or simply just get healthy and increase your energy, training is part of every intelligent program designed to improve strength, fitness, vitality, health and longevity.  Buddha explains karma by saying, “the way that leads to short life makes people short-lived.”   Every action has a result, and the result will be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the intention behind that action.  So in this series on achieving a positive cycle in the efforts you put in with a goal in mind, I will address four steps to help you recognize the very things you are doing now that are antagonizing your hard efforts with injury, illness, and fatigue.

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Halloween: The Beginning of the “Winter Layer”

candy cornHere we go!  Every candy company on planet earth is now making a killing due to skyrocketing sales for Halloween.   And while they are making millions of dollars, you are beginning your downward spiral of holiday stress and weight gain.  A lot of people assume this starts with Thanksgiving because we literally eat until we hate ourselves, crying in a fetal position with our pants unbuttoned.  And, ultimately, the real blame gets put on Christmas because it has all the traditions that last the entire month of December:  marshmallow snowmen, hot cocoa, eggnog, alcohol, baking cookies and decorating gingerbread houses, parties and family gatherings etc etc yada-yada.  All of which you HAVE to do because it’s “tradition” and you simply can’t have a true, genuine holiday experience without all of the above.  And, per the usual, Christmas and December get the blame… and around the corner its the savior of all holidays; New Years Eve.  The magical time-stamp of promise and hope that the layers will miraculously be shed if you make a goal at midnight….  so you allow yourself to make excuses until then.  But guess what man, you don’t gain your “winter coat” in December.  Do you really want to know how this all starts?

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Why Diet Variety is Important

There is a lot of discussion (and even debating) over the importance (or irrelevance) of having variety in your diet.  Some people are just happy with their routine and don’t want to step outside of the “eggs- for- breakfast- sandwich- for- lunch- chicken- for- dinner- and bowl of cereal-during-Law & Order “box.   I get it, and I’m fine with it.  In fact, I have my preferred dietary routine down, too.  I go in phases, generally as the seasons come and go, but with each season or phase there are things I just want to eat everyday at certain times.  Let’s say I’m eating coconut everyday during the summer.  Dried coconut flakes, coconut chips, coconut milk in smoothies, coconut oil when I’m cooking or baking (or shaving, moisturizing, cleaning wounds), coconut sugar and coconut water… what do you think is going to happen if I keep this up for a week? Four weeks? Six months?

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Second-Guessing the Dietician

RD, RDN, LD, CBN, NBNC:  acronyms for licensed and or registered dietitians.  These are the pizza is a vegetableprofessionals who work in the medical fields, and your doctor or specialist likely has one on staff.  They work in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.  A lot of them go on to work for companies like NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, or one of those “Medi-Fast Weight Loss” centers.  Some large globo-gyms have one or two on staff, and they are the contributing editors and staff writers for the “Health & Lifestyle” sections of major publications and news media outlets.  These professionals are responsible for health & science-based nutritional advice regarding your specific illness, disease or concern. For example, if you are diagnosed with IBS, your doctor will send you into the office of his RD, and he or she will tell you to eat more fiber and drink more water (maybe).   Patients who are diagnosed with T2 Diabetes will have an RD assigned to their case, and common advice heard is to eat whole wheat, whole grains and maintain a low fat diet.

If that advice was not enough reason to second-guess a legitimately licensed and registered dietician, keep reading:

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How To Live Your Life, by Dalai Lama

Read this list completely to the end.  If we can remember all of these… and be intentional to practice each one until it becomes a habit, we will never leave this earth unfulfilled.  This list is so inspiring, and I challenge you all to  focus on 5 each day, until you’ve reached all 20 and repeat.  Then keep this list (or one similar that you can create on your own) with you as a reminder to practice throughout the day, each day! What sorts of things do you predict will change, improve or happen?


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