Twenty-Seventeen served us many lessons in growth and though we are grateful for the experiences, it led us through a lot of painful realizations. By the Fall, we were running out of options to keep up with our growth without compromising our values.
In order for us to adapt without compromising our principle values, it meant we’d hit a cap of the number of people we could coach, teach and heal.This didn’t align with our dream, but in order to support ourselves and continue to grow the business, we had to raise our rates and limit our availability. That automatically eliminated a huge number of people who wanted to work with us so we needed more options.

We could open ourselves up to working more weekends and after hours, host more classes and reduce the rates.  But that would mean significantly compromising our values and burning us out. So that didn’t work either. 

After a lot of trial and error, brainstorming, and writing we finally came up with memberships. By creating this platform, we are able to put all of our content into digital format so all of our clients (or anyone) can access them at any time, from wherever they are.

This saves us an incredible amount of time because we’ve always put absolute 1 on 1 attention to each person we work with and refuse to cut corners. 


Our principle operating system is rooted in the FACT that everyone is unique and therefore you cannot apply a “copy and paste” approach.

Because of that, we spent a lot of time on our emails, phones, on Skype or calls giving each of our clients personal attention in 2017.

This (A) prevented us from helping more people and (B) forced us into cutting back and (C) raising our rates… all the while working into very late hours missing time with our families. The result of this drained us emotionally and economically.

Instead of continuing this way, we’re putting it all online for you to have anytime you need it. We’ve spent months putting it all together for you, and will continue adding more and making it better as the community grows.

We believe in what we do and refuse to compromise by hiring shady marketing
 firms or consultants who don’t align with our values or 

understand the significance of our holistic foundations and wishes to remain family-owned and family-operated. And fair and honest.

*Sadly, that mindset doesn’t help small businesses economically either. Especially in the health field. Even more especially if you’re a holistic practitioner.


But we figured out a way to make this work for all of us. THANK G-D. Seriously. We’re really excited about it.

SAVE MONEY:  Memberships give you up to THREE live coaching calls each week for you to join or watch later from the saved calls library. That saves you $450 to $600 automatically.

BUILD COMMUNITY:  These live calls allow you to send all your questions and concerns in to be answered live and online, along with others’ who are on the same journey, and by proxy we can build a community that not only learns from us, but from each other.

EXTRA SUPPORT:  So not only will you get MORE coaching from us every week, but you will have a growing community online to find more support or seek answers or guidance as needed.

OPEN TO ANYONE:  The best part is that this isn’t limited to just clients or established patients. Anyone can join and use this platform, and still be able to customize their own experiences to fit their unique goals and lifestyle.

UNLIMITED RESOURCES:  We have digitalized all of our handouts, lists, guides and programs and uploaded them in the membership site where you can access, view, download or print off at any time. We continue to add to this document library where you’ll be updated weekly and able to view new learning tools all the time, as well as get access to our reference library where links to all of our favorite products, equipment, supplements, books, courses and websites for ALL categories.

EDUCATION = POWER:  Members get the full library of videos and audios, as well as recorded coaching calls, podcasts and interviews online at any time. There are currently over 80 of these covering everything from health and disease, to fitness and pain management, self development and spiritual growth, to relationships and self care…. it’s all in there and continually growing.

So we hope you join us this year as a member of our growing community and take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow more through the new year!

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