Clinics, Seminars & Workshops

We are passionate about teaching and empowering others to be, feel and perform their best.  From corporate settings to athletic teams or simply social groups looking to support each other in a journey for health, healing and performance, our practitioners are powerful speakers who deliver the highest level of instructional curriculum that is constantly updated to reflect the most recent scientific research.  They provide an authentic approach to motivate, inspire, educate and empower you and your teams or groups to be your best, feel your best, and GIVE your best.

We customize and lead events for, and in the following settings:

  • Corporate
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Gyms
  • Sports Teams
  • Social




  • Youth Sports Performance: Sport Specific Assessments, Conditioning and Training to Optimize Athletic Development and Prevent Injury
  • Shoulder: Rehab | Prevention | Mobility | Training | Performance
  • Back & Neck Injuries: Rehab | Prevention | Mobility | Training | Performance
  • Knee & Leg Injuries: Rehab | Prevention | Mobility | Training | Performance
  • Women’s Holistic Performance Programming




  • Advanced Recovery for High Performers & Crossfit Athletes
  • Optimizing Performance with Advanced Core Training Methods
  • Women’s Holistic Health & Performance
  • Strength Training for Young Athletes
  • Grounding Practices for Women
  • Intro to Restorative Movement Practices:  Tai Chi,  Infant Development, Zone Breathing
  • The Chakra System:  Understanding the Metaphysics for Optimal Health, Fitness & Happiness




  • The Shaman-Warrior: Heal & Advance
  • Embracing the Feminine Warrior:  An Authentic Healing Journey Through Trauma & Pain
  • Neurosomatic Assessments: Optimizing Movement Patterns & Recovery




  • The Four Foundations: Diet | Happiness | Movement | Recovery
  • Integrating a Healthy Work Environment | Maintaining a Competitive Culture | Optimizing Productivity
  • Goddess Training: Spiritual Connections at Work, Home and the Gym