SAVE MONEY:  Memberships give you up to THREE live coaching calls each week for you to join or watch later from the saved calls library. That saves you $450 to $600 automatically.

BUILD COMMUNITY:  These live calls allow you to send all your questions and concerns in to be answered live and online, along with others’ who are on the same journey, and by proxy we can build a community that not only learns from us, but from each other.

EXTRA SUPPORT:  So not only will you get MORE coaching from us every week, but you will have a growing community online to find more support or seek answers or guidance as needed.

OPEN TO ANYONE:  The best part is that this isn’t limited to just clients or established patients. Anyone can join and use this platform, and still be able to customize their own experiences to fit their unique goals and lifestyle.

UNLIMITED RESOURCES:  We have digitalized all of our handouts, lists, guides and programs and uploaded them in the membership site where you can access, view, download or print off at any time. We continue to add to this document library where you’ll be updated weekly and able to view new learning tools all the time, as well as get access to our reference library where links to all of our favorite products, equipment, supplements, books, courses and websites for ALL categories.

EDUCATION = POWER:  Members get the full library of videos and audios, as well as recorded coaching calls, podcasts and interviews online at any time. There are currently over 80 of these covering everything from health and disease, to fitness and pain management, self development and spiritual growth, to relationships and self care…. it’s all in there and continually growing.