Scientific Programming


  • Fitness, Strength & Performance
  • Reverse chronic pain conditions
  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
  • Postural alignment & corrective exercise therapy


  • Reverse & manage chronic health conditions
  • Heal digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Balance hormones
  • Enhance visceral performance


  • Reduce and manage chronic stress
  • Identify conditioned beliefs that sabotage your health & fitness goals
  • Re-program old behaviors and thought patterns
  • Experience true emotional freedom
  • Find support for Trauma, Abuse, Eating Disorders, Sexual Identity, Addiction, Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Regardless of the goal and what area of health the focus aims at,  each person will first identify their motivation for their participation.  Establishing that one (or several) thing(s) that motivates you will secure the strength of a program’s framework! The following are services available to integrate into any program for any individual dependent upon their goals, motivation and their needs.

How do we help you achieve your goals?

Diet & Nutrition

Integrative health assessments & evaluations
Metabolic Typing and Primal Pattern dietary assessments
Holistic Nutrition Counseling
Behavioral Mindset Coaching
Recipe, Shopping, Cooking guides
Digestive Healing & Detox Plans


Exercise & Recovery

Advanced Scientific & Orthopedic assessments
Corrective Exercise programs for injury, pain, rehabilitation
Functional strength & fitness
Post-natal recovery and fitness
Athletic development training
Yoga, Tai Chi, and Zone Instruction


Personal Development

Holistic Counseling & Transformation Life Coaching
Integrative Yoga Therapy
Breathing and Meditation Coaching
Creative Movement, Expression and Art Therapy
Creative Writing Programs
Quadrant4 Personal Development Intensives



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