My Top 10 Holiday Recipes for Health & Fitness

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a Joyful Solstice and Kwanzaa, everyone!  I was trying to beat everyone to the down-pour of december-holiday excuses but I was too late.  I’ve been incredibly busy and had forgotten to put this list together until I already began seeing the early signs of winter holiday binge-eating & binge-drinking allowances litter the social media and interwebs.  So back the f—up and slow your roll.  No one said there are rules that any holiday which lands on ONE DAY must be celebrated with sugar and alcohol for THIRTY DAYS.
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‘Tis the Season for Love, Family & Gratitude (and political arguments, white American entitlement, greed, selfies, alcoholism, weight gain and going into massive debt) ((and scoffing))

This time of year used to bring out a whole other personality in me. It was like one day I was Meg from Married With Children (per the usual) and as soon as that one day after halloween came and everyone turned on the Christmas music I magically transformed into Marcy. It’s as if I had been cursed as a child by some evil witch who didn’t like my parents (and who were clearly jealous of my crazy beauty and talent) to turn into an absolutely annoying, overzealous holiday alien for two months just speeding around in a trance buying crap, cooking crap, and singing crap and then when the holiday music stopped the spell wore off and my trance was broken but I’d be in this depressed spell for a month sort of wondering what happened to my life for eight weeks.

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Seasonal Stress

calendar countdown
Seasons approach us with so much promise, and then they’re gone in the blink of an eye.  Spring promises me gorgeous weather, gardening, sunshine, flowers and more time spent outside.  Summer promises me happiness of sunray goose-pimples, a nice tan, and extra time with the kids.  Fall offers the promise of pumpkin recipes and a relief from the heat with it’s cooler evenings.  Winter teases me with anticipation for my favorite holiday and spending time with family.  But they all arrive slowly,  and then leave so fast.  I feel this way every season.  So many mixed feelings!  We break the year up into “quarterlies”, seasons, school years/breaks, and/or holidays.  And we spend each part trying to make the best of it by doing everything it could possibly offer us.  By the time September rolls around, for instance,  we have emptied our mental, physical and emotional stores of energy and we are OVER the packing, unpacking, road trips, airports, house guests, volunteer projects, kids home from school acting like jumping beans 24/7, camps, weddings, and for a lot of families; moving and/or catching up on all those household projects and repairs.  Not to mention extra energy drained from hotter temperatures outdoors.  Yet we spent January through May counting down the days to summer!  Because – in the summer- we can relax!  Right?

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Poor Digestion & Why You Need to CARE ABOUT IT



One of the most common causes of poor digestion, aside from dehydration and stress,… is a toxic bowel. Common symptoms- which most people ignore because they are “common”, of a toxic bowel are: fatigue, headaches, asthma, GI upset, pain between shoulder blades, Sciatica, allergies, eye/ear/nose and throat problems like chronic sinus infections, nervousness, arthritis, neck pain, acne, rashes or other skin issues, cardiac irregularities, etc.


Why is a toxic bowel (or poor digestion) something to be alarmed about?

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7 Strategies to Beat the Stress

It is estimated that nearly 80% of adults in America suffer adrenal insufficiency.  In other words:  chronic and extreme stress that breaks down the the natural cycles of hormone production thus leading to a long list of issues including a crapped-out metabolism, weight gain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, cravings, muscle cramping, fatigue, and suppressed immune system.  If you have ever felt that your health is on a downward spiral and you cannot get control of it, you could possibly be suffering from chronic stress.  Can you think of WHAT causes you the most stress?  Try writing down a list including traffic, long lines, working late, relational conflict, pollution, neighbor’s dog crapped in your yard, gained 4lbs, kids are too loud, ripped a hole in your favorite jeans, burned dinner, stubbed your toe, friends blew you off, your favorite tv show didn’t record, only got 4 hours of sleep, you feel the flu coming on, rent is due, gas prices went up….

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