Why Diet Variety is Important

There is a lot of discussion (and even debating) over the importance (or irrelevance) of having variety in your diet.  Some people are just happy with their routine and don’t want to step outside of the “eggs- for- breakfast- sandwich- for- lunch- chicken- for- dinner- and bowl of cereal-during-Law & Order “box.   I get it, and I’m fine with it.  In fact, I have my preferred dietary routine down, too.  I go in phases, generally as the seasons come and go, but with each season or phase there are things I just want to eat everyday at certain times.  Let’s say I’m eating coconut everyday during the summer.  Dried coconut flakes, coconut chips, coconut milk in smoothies, coconut oil when I’m cooking or baking (or shaving, moisturizing, cleaning wounds), coconut sugar and coconut water… what do you think is going to happen if I keep this up for a week? Four weeks? Six months?

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Standard Values of Nutrition vs The “Standard” Human

Nutrition has been studied for thousands of years.  From Socrates to The Book of Daniel in the Holy Bible, diet and nutrition has been a topic from ancient years.  Over the years studies and research have become much more detailed and scientifically advanced.  There is a study to confirm and debunk just about any myth, theory about our nutritional needs and much of the information we receive through media campaigns is, for the most part, contradictory.

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