Trina Mandola: Before and After

My Name is Trina Mandola. I would like to share my journey with you about working with Sara. My journey with Sara began in August of 2013. I call it a “journey” because it was and still is a wonderful process. I am the kind of person who believes in signs and when I met Sara I was struggling with my health and my weight. I started noticing a pain in my left hand which left like arthritis. I also was at my all -time high in my weight. I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my lifestyle.

I am a 4ft. 11in. Mexican woman who is married to an Italian chef and loves food. Food was what comforted me. Food helped me enjoy life and gave me pleasure. Food had been a part of many of my fondest memories. Did I mention that my husband and I own 4 Italian restaurants as well?? So in essence, food was my LIFE!

I knew that if I did not change my lifestyle that I would be a short, fat Mexican woman with many of the same health issues as many of my family members. So, right then and there I decided that I was going to break the cycle! I did research on why my hand had the pain that it did and figured out that the pain in my hand was caused by inflammation because of my diet. I also knew that I did not want to have to take a pill to “cure” the pain. So, when I met with Sara and I told her about this issue and she was on top of it. She had so much knowledge about the relationship between diet and inflammation and how I could alleviate the pain in my hand through proper eating habits. She was truly concerned about me and made me feel happy about wanting to make a change in my life. I knew then that was my sign to begin working with Sara.

Now that I have been working with Sara I know that I did the best thing for me and for my family! Sara sends me recipes for healthy foods, she gives me mediations to do and a homework list of things to do such as get a massage and take time out for me with a hot warm soothing bath! Who wouldn’t want to do that? Sara is truly concerned about my TOTAL well-being. I have had trainers in the past and sure they helped me lose weight quickly, but I was NOT fun to be around. They would restrict my calories so low that my “horns” came out. And you know that saying….“If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.”

Needless to say, I was not a good role model for my children at that time. My previous trainers would have me work out so hard that I couldn’t sit on the toilet the next day. My muscles were so sore! And, I always would look for an excuse to get out of my work outs with them. That is just NOT the case with Sara. I can honestly say that I hate to have to miss a work out with her! During our workouts, Sara pushes me just hard enough, but doesn’t make me feel like I am being tortured. She constantly gives me advice and lots of affirmation. Sara has also helped me have a different relationship with food.

I no longer live to eat, but I eat to live. I eat lots of good wholesome fresh food. Sara has also taught me how to let the guilt in my life go. I no longer feel “guilty” if I take a long hot bath or get a massage to take care of myself. I no longer feel “guilty” about having a piece of chocolate, a few bites of birthday cake or a meal with friends. What she has taught me is that the food wasn’t the best part of my meal, that it was my company and the moment of the celebration that made the meal so wonderful. So, if I chose to eat something that I do not normally eat now, then, it is ok. She has taught me how to embrace the relationship I have with food. I don’t feel bad because I can’t eat pizza, or a tortilla, but I CHOSE not to eat pizza or a tortilla. I am in control and I don’t have to feel bad about. I don’t like the way those foods make me feel after I eat them. So, after being on an Elimination diet with Sara, I started incorporating things back in my diet and I could see what would or would not agree with me. I have chosen to be gluten-free. I have found out that sugar makes me yeasty and that lactose does not agree with me. I did not know that it is not normal to be bloated or gassy after a meal. Sara helped me with all of that!

By the way, did I mention that I have lost 23 pounds with her, no longer have the pain in my hand and feel FANTASTIC???? !!!!! I am being more active with my family and I know that I am being a positive role model for them. And yes, I know that I have broken the cycle of the short, fat, Mexican woman. I feel proud to know that my daughter will not have the same struggles as I did…. All thanks to Sara!! Peace and Love!
Trina Before After with Austin Primal Fitness