When Your Values Are Taken Over by Fear

If you are a human, then you’ve had a goal.  It doesn’t matter what that goal was or is, you’ve had one.  Everyday we have goals and don’t even realize it because when we think of “goals” we think about losing weight, quitting smoking, saving money, increasing max deadlift, etc.  But what about all the other little goals we make every hour of the day?  The ones that we overlook because they’re just a part of us, engrained in us.  The ones such as getting to work on time, getting a good grade, waking up early enough to walk the dog, create a meal plan and grocery list, go to church on Sunday, call your mom, don’t murder the kids, be able to spell an “ie” word correctly (f—!!!).  You know… the thoughts you have every minute of the day.

We have goals.  And we have micro-goals.  The significance of this is that those little micro-goals will actually be the determination of whether or not you reach your other goals, such as lose weight or save money.

It’s easy to describe a main goal, something you’re focused on.  The big, macro thing you want to do or accomplish.  But let’s break down the micro-goals.  They are basically derived from a system made up by the universe and no one else.  I drew an awesome picture (below) that illustrates it.


So, in a nutshell: every human has needs and for the most part, they are all the same when it comes to survival.  It’s our values and beliefs that set us apart, and those are the things that produce our thoughts and inner dialogue, thus creating the feelings which manifest our behaviors.  Follow me?

When one or more of our needs is not being met, it creates instability and blocks flow between our values and our beliefs.  Like the game Jenga; if the needs are the stack of blocks on the bottom and we begin to pull one out after the other, everything above it will begin to shake, sway and eventually crash down.  The thing inside of us that begins to happen the first time we neglect a fundamental need is the terrorist reaction that will take that entire bus hostage.


Try this: stand up and do a few high-knees and lunges. Nothing serious, just try it.  In the middle of your movements, immediately stop and just stand on one leg.  (note: this exercise is for normal people, not gymnasts, acrobats, or stars of Cirque du Soleil)

So what happened?

Yo snap! You had to throw your arms out to stabilize yourself, probably leaned forward and tightened up your hamstrings because the lower abdominals were imbalanced, and I bet you held your breath for a second.  And you probably did all of that without even realizing it until reading it just now.

That’s what happens inside of your body, your mind, and your spirit when you neglect a need.  Fear replaces those values and drives your needs to a new set of beliefs.  If you neglect sleep or nutrition, guess what happens.  You get tired and hungry… and progressively you begin to eat more, crave more sugar/caffeine to off-set your blood sugar crashes and the fatigue, which is getting even worse and now throws your hormones and metabolism off, which is now making you fat and even more tired, which is causing problems at work and with your relationships… and so on and so on.  Can you guess the first time in that sequence of events that fear came in and took a value hostage?

Let’s multiple-choice this sumbitch:

A.  when you began to crave sugar and caffeine
B.  when your blood sugar crashed
C.  when you felt tired and hungry

 Moral of the story…

If you want to reach your GOALS, then stop neglecting your needs!  When you neglect a need, fear takes over and your values and beliefs will transmute into scare tactics, doubt, and negative self- badgering.  Then your goal is nothing but a star you keep wishing on.


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